31 julio, 2008

Gibson Neil Young Les Paul Old Black 56 RI182 en eBay


This 2004 Gibson Les Paul is the NY (Neil Young) version of a 1956 Les Paul. These guitars were produced in very limited numbers and as far as I know were only exported to Japan to Yamano Music. Pretty hard to find info on. Even harder to find in real life. Just to be clear, this is all Gibson USA Custom shop work. This is not a project guitar.

Has a p-90 and a Firebird style mini humbucker.

Cosmetically this guitar has been aged slightly by the custom shop. It looks to have some slight play and handling wear, there is a small dimple/scratch on the top, not thru the finish, pretty minor. There are also some very minor blems on the back. It is hard to be sure where the VOS finish ends and the actual wear begins. Overall looks cool as hell.

4.6 kilos/10.6 lbs

No fret wear.

Original case with most of it's paperwork. COA is missing but the inspection card is till there.

Plays great, sounds amazing.

No issues. No repairs done or needed

You MUST MUST MUST read all fine print and Q&A below the pictures!! I can NOT stress this enough!!!PAYMENT, INSURANCE and CUSTOMS info and terms!!

We include a great many pictures in our listings so the buyer can see EXACTLY what they are getting. Our guitars are as described so please look carefully at the pictures. Often something that looks like a flaw is dust or a reflection. Also keep in mind that close up pictures can make a tiny flaw look much worse and even completely normal things look strange. When was the last time you stared at a guitar from 3 inches away? All used guitars will look worse with close up pictures. Our new guitars are indeed new so if you see something strange it is almost certainly not really there. If you have questions ask. These guitars pretty much always look MUCH better in real life!!!

Esto me la he encontrado en eBay, ¿te interesa?. Puede ser tuya por unos 4000 eurillos de nada.

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