20 agosto, 2008

Neil Young - Berlín (Alemania) - 2008-08-20

Ya está disponible el concierto de ayer en Dime A Dozen, y por partida doble.

Versión Dutch Master
Lineage: Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones

Card reader > Harddisk editing with Soundforge 4.5 + plugins and using the Sonic Maximizer Process > SEKD Red Roaster

Editing: removal of some clapping next to me and a 6db. volume boost on the acoustic songs.

Recording & editing: Young Dutch Master

Recorded in front of stage just left of the centre (stage sound ).
Sound is excellent.
Recorded about 7m. from left speaker stack.

During the show it was windy, sometimes some wind can be heard on
the microphones/ windshields were put on the microphone between song 5
and 6 (mounting noise removed from recording). The Zitadelle is located
in the flypath of Tegel airport; overflying planes can be noticed.

Artwork is included

Version Hanno

source: hanno
right PA stack, a couple of metres back
DPA 4061 > MPS 6020 > Edirol R09
total time 133:47

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