03 agosto, 2008

Stephen Stills Band 1979-03-09 Chicago Auditorium Theatre. Chicago

Stephen Stills Band

Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL -- 3/9/79

Complete show. Direct from Master audience recording. Taped by Rob Jaret.


Location: front row center balcony.

Teac PC-10 (TDK-SA 90 Dolby B on record and playback)

JVC M-201 Electret condenser stereo microphone.

Transferred on Sony TC-K615S cassette deck directly to HHB CDR - 800 burner.

tracked "on the fly"

Transferred By John Moses 8-2-08

Disc 1

1. Precious Love

2. For What It's Worth

3. Huba Alfein

4. Go Back Home

5. How Long

6. Love the One You're with

7. ?

8. Make Love to You

9. Susie James


Disc 2

1. Rock & Roll Crazies

2. Cuban Bluegrass->

3. Jet Set

4. Band Intros

5. Turn Back the Pages


6. Know You Got to Run

7. Thoroughfare Gap

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Ahora que Stephen Stills está dando que hablar, ha sido el momento aportuno de compartir en Dime a Dozen este concierto. Gracias a Rob y a John naturalmente.

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