26 septiembre, 2008

Stephen Stills y la California Blues Band en Milán

Stephen Stills and the California Blues Band
"Carovana del Mediterraneo" tour (with Richie Havens and Angelo Branduardi)
Stadio San Siro Milano Italy
July 15th 1980

Back in the summer of 1980 I had the chance to attend my very first show of one of the members of the legendary supergroup CSNY.
Stephen Stills was touring Italy with his California Blues Band along with Angelo Branduardi and Richie Havens.
Stills act was the second of the night but there was a beginning and an ending song with all three singers together.
At that time I was working for a local radio (Radio Supermilano 102.7) and I came across an incomplete but superb recording of the show. Crowd noises seem to be very far on this recording so I guess it was taken far from the audience somewhere in the big stadium.
Few years ago 38f uploaded his recording of this show which was complete apart from the first and last songs with Branduardi Stills and Havens together.
I used from this recording the song "It's just a rumour" and first 25 seconds of "Precious Love" missing on my tape.
Recently my friend L.C. came across a third source (FB recording) for this show, inferior quality but including the jamming songs Get Together at the beginning and Blowin in the wind at the end (incomplete) never circulated in the past.

Here's my offer to the commnunity of my very first CSNY related show (now I attended 39) in its complete format, in honour of new Stills forthcomig European (and Italian) shows !

Original radio cassette (radio supermilano 102.7) > analog cassette copy > played on SONY DECK TC WE 7055 > recorded on CDR audio with PHILIPS CDR 777 > EAC > equalized with Nero Wave editor* > FLAC 8 > here

* first 25 seconds of track #2 disc 1 + tracks #1 disc 2 were taken from previous audience recording uploaded here by 38f and no more available
track #1 disc 1 and track #10 on disc 2 from the 1st copy from the original FB master

Disc 1
01. get together (with Angelo Branduardi and Richie Havens)
02. precious love
03. love the one you're with
04. for what it's worth
05. going down to dallas (Finnigan)
06. make love to you
07. cherockee

Disc 2
01. it's just a rumour (Lala)
02. part time love (Finnigan)
03. wooden ships
04. change partners
05. come into my kitchen
06. blackbird
07. helplessly hoping
08. hoochie koochie man
09. rocky mountain way
10. blowin'in the wind (with Angelo Branduardi and Richie Havens)

Total time: 97 minutes

The California Blues Band:
Stephen Stills: guitar, drums, vocals
Mike Finnigan: keyboards, vocals
Joe Lala: percussions, vocals
Billy Meeker: drums
Michael Sturgis: guitar
Trey Thompson: bass

En Dime A Dozen, por la gentileza de Giona.

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Anónimo dijo...

Hello Antonio, I've been at a concert on Loreley(-Rock) in Germany, where the same artists were playing in 1980, too and I was happy to find something like that, because "tapes" from this period of CSNY are very rare to get. Unfortunately your torrent isn't available no more.
Could you give me some help, where it is "traded" now?

Ciao Joachim

Too Moon dijo...

Hi Antonio, I've forgotten to leave something to contact me, if you would have the intention to. ;-)

Hasta luego, Joachim