01 octubre, 2008

Neil Young and Transband Paris 1982 9 16 aud SM master

Neil Young and Transband Paris 1982 9 16 aud SM master

Recorded Ile Saint Germain Paris on 1982 9 16 (outdoor show), standing ten meters in front of the left wall of speakers, with a big crowd behind.

TCD5 M used with couple of Beyer Dynamic M 201

Sony tape played on a Denon DRR M10 deck>ZOOM H4>PC>Audacity editions (pitch, tracking and volume, but no EQ)>FLAC

CD 1
1 On the way home
2 Don't cry no tears
3 Everybody knows this is nowhere
4 Cortez the killer
5 If you got love
6 Soul of a woman, soul of a man
7 Are you ready for the country ?
8 Southern man
9 Little thing called love
10 Old man
11 The needle and the damage done
12 Comes a time
13 Birds
14 Band intro
15 Beggar's day

CD 2
1 Like an inca
2 Hey hey, my my (into the black)
3 Cinnamon girl
4 Like a hurricane
5 I am a child
6 Sugar mountain
7 Sample and hold
8 Mr soul

Transband is: Bruce Palmer, Ben Keith, Joe Lala, Ralph Molina & Nils LOfgren.

I made a quick art just designed to become a single sleeve; the picture used is from yhat show.
Neil played on a nice end of summer night in front of a green hill full of people.
The sound is typical "outdoor" in my opinion,with many treble, but better than on my Barcelona and Toulouse 87 previous uploads.
Crowd movements disturbed the recording mainly on EKTIN and in the
begining of Cortez (big crowd rush on my back), and people knocked the
mics here and there.
The biginning of Old man is missing (tape flip, sorry).
I don't know what are the sources of the ciculating versions of
this show, but i'm sure this is the first upload made from this master
(freshly picked up from an old drawer).
Acoustics guitars were nicely mixed that night and to me, the
highlight of the set was the duet with Nils Lofgren on accordeon on
Comes a time.
Hope this one will sound as good in your speakers as in mine.

I have two other masters made this tour in France if someone likes this one (just need time to prepare the torrents with care).

Serge nos obsequia con otra de sus grabaciones. Esta también es otra versión que no ha circulado hasta hoy y si yo no me he enterado mal, tiene mejor calidad aun que las anteriores (Barcelona y Toulouse/87).
En Dime A Dozen está a tu disposición.

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