08 octubre, 2008

Otro nuevo recopilatorio en Dime

Forever Young Vol.10 - a collection of Neil Young covers - Various artists

Well, well, well...I'm not a huge specialist of Neil Young but I thought he deserves to be in the collection of covers. I've seen so many covers that I couldn't ignore it. So here it is!

As usual,I've done nothing to the tracks except some little things with Audacity ( removing gaps here and there, fading out...). I've tried to do the best I could. I've included the origin of each track. Sound quality changes but it's good enough all the time.

No artwork available of course but I know some guys like my friend Stephbear can make fine artworks.This time I need a double jewel case my friend!

All tracks have been downloaded and permitted on Dime or archive.org

So as to celebrate the tenth volume, i've decided to share a whole show I found somewhere on the net in Flac format with only Neil covers. So here it is:

Gimme Shelter (Tribute To Neil Young) - 15 Aug 07 - 40 Watt Club - Athens GA Usa

Disc One:

01) Helpless [Frank Mason]
02) Hangin' On A Limb [Solstice Sisters]
03) Love Is A Rose [Solstice Sisters]
04) The Old Laughing Lady [Kimberly Morgan]
05) Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Kimberly Morgan/Solstice Sisters]
06) Tonight's The Night [Wydelles]
07) On The Beach [Jack Logan]
08) Time Fades Away [Jack Logan]
09) For The Turnstiles [Rob Veal]
10) Albuquerque [Todd McBride]
11) Too Far Gone [Todd McBride]
12) Barstool Blues [Todd McBride]
13) When You Dance You Can Really Love [Dave Marr]

Disc Two:

01) I Believe In You [Dave Marr]
02) Out On The Weekend [Wydelles]
03) Bite The Bullet [Mother Jackson]
04) Alabama [Mother Jackson]
05) Words (Between The Lines Of Age) [Mother Jackson]
06) Revolution Blues [Mother Jackson]
07) Down By The River [Jackpot City]
08) Heart Of Gold [Jackpot City]
09) The Loner [Jackpot City]
10) Look Out For My Love [William Tonks]
11) Don't Let It Bring You Down [William Tonks]
12) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [William Tonks]
13) E:) Southern Man [Dave Marr]

Featuring The Rustics:
Bo Bedingfield - guitar
Philip McArdle - guitar
Brandon Reynolds - bass
Clay Leverett - drums
Neil Golden - keyboard


Michael Gibson - guitar
Mike Mills - bass
John Neff - guitar
Jon Mills - bass
Todd Nance - drums

Este es el anlace a Dime A Dozen.

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