11 octubre, 2008

Stephen Stills . Brighton Centre, Sussex - 2008-10-10

Stephen Stills
Brighton Centre, Brighton, Sussex, UK
10 October 2008

Recorder - Edirol R09 (internal mics) 16 bit 44Khz
Wav editing - Cool Edit 2000
Track splitting - CD Wav
Flac frontend level 6
Checksums - Traders Little Helper


Acoustic set:
01. Helplessly Hoping (electric with band)
02. Treetop Flyer
03. Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan)
04. Change Partners
05. 4+20
06. The Blind Fiddler
07. Johnny's Garden
08. Daylight Again
09. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (coda with band)

Electric set:
01. Rock And Roll Woman
02. Isn't It About Time
03. The Wrong Thing To Do (Tom Petty's Mudcrutch)
04. High And Dry (aka White Nigger on the "Down the Road" outtakes)
05. Bluebird
06. Make Love To You
07. For What It's Worth
08. crowd & band intros
09. Love The One You're With

The Band:
Stephen Stills - acoustic & electric guitars & vocals
Joe Vitale - drums & backing vocals
Kenny Pasarelli - bass & backing vocals
Todd Coldwell - organ & backing vocals

No artwork

Recorded dead centre, row 5 (about 6 metres from stage). The recording level was low so I have amplified x300 & added fades at start & end of each set. It's probably still a little quiet but you have a volume knob. The internal mics tend to pick up the bass frequencies better so it will sound a little bassy. About 2 meters away a lady was really enjoying the concert & you can hear her from time to time.

En Dime A Dozen gracias al trabajo de Dangerbird2.

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