07 noviembre, 2008

Au Go-Go Singers - They Call Us Au Go-Go Singers (1964)

Richie Furay & Stephen Stills Debut Album

1964, being the year of The Beatles, was also the very end of the folk group phenomenon. After the success of groups such as The Serendipity Singers and The New Christy Minstrels, there were countless 'clone groups', and indeed, The Au Go-Go Singers were one. However, the one thing that makes them interesting is the fact that they contained two members who, just over a year later, would provide the nucleus of The Buffalo Springfield, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay. After a few seasons of touring, a contract was offered by Roulette Records. The results here are predictably bland, professional and well executed group hootenanny folk music. However, there a couple of shining individual moments here by Stills and Furay. Furay's performance of the folk ballad standard, "Where I'm Bound," clearly shows what an incredibly talented singer Richie was, even at this early stage. Better still is Stephen Stills vocals and arrangement of "High Flying' Bird," a true coffeehouse staple of the time. His soulful, whisky-soaked voice belied is age (a mere 19 years at the time). When the Au Go-Go Singers disbanded, a few of them (including Stills, but not Furay) toured briefly in Canada as The Company. At one stop the opening band was Neil Young and The Squires, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Matthew Greenwald - allmusic.com

1. San Francisco Bay Blues
2. What If
3. Gotta Travel
4. Pink Polemoniums
5. You Are There
6. Oh Joe Hannah
7. Miss Nellie
8. High Flying Bird
9. What Have They Done to the Rain
10. Lonesome Traveler
11. Where I'm Bound
12. This Train

Stephen Stills
Richie Furay
Mike Scott - acoustic bass
Bob Harmelink
Fred Geiger
Jean Gurney
Kathy King - vocals
Nels Gustafson - vocals, acoustic guitar
Roy Michaels

Un disco del grupo en el que militaban Stephen Stills y Richie Furay antes de formar Buffalo Springfield con Neil Young y Bruce Palmer (a los que se unió mas tarde el percusionista Dewey Martin).
Una rareza sin lugar a dudas, aunque el estilo de música no tienen nada que ver con lo vendrá despues (el que avisa no es traidor).

En Demonoid. Lo único malo es que está comprimido en formato MP3.

Por cierto, se ha corrido la voz que Demonoid ha abierto la veda de nuevos registros, así que date prisa si te interesa uno.

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johnphillips1981 dijo...

A mí el disco me resulta simpático, incluso hay alguna canción que está bastante bien. Lo compré hace unos años , Collectors´Choice Music lo reeditó en cd.
Es un objeto para los completistas.