13 noviembre, 2008

Neil Young 1987-11-12 San Francisco (late show)

In honor of Neil's 63rd, here's a nice-sounding recording of one of the handful of shows he's played on his birthday, a Bluenotes date from the original Bay Area club tour.
The earliest and latest of his five other birthday gigs are still on the tracker here: the 1977 Miami show with the Gone With the Wind Orchestra (http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=219149) and last year's first Chicago show from the Chrome Dreams II tour (http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=170390). Tapes exist of two of the others (though I don't have them), a 1988 Hungerthon benefit in L.A. with CSNY, and a 2003 electric Greendale show in Fukuoka, Japan - anyone out there care to share? Alas, there is no tape of the 11/12/90 show at the Catalyst, though we do have the legendary next night.

Following is the information file from the original torrent of this show. Thanks to the taper and seeder (I should remember who it was, but unfortunately I don't - if you're reading, please claim credit). And happy birthday Neil!

Neil Young and The Bluenotes
The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, California
1987-11-12 (Late)

Lineage: Audience Analogue Master>DAT...DAT>Hard Disk (via SPDIF)>Cool Edit 2000 (Resample to 44.1kHz)>CDR

Notes: Having dug out my Bluenotes archive to post the 1988-04-19 New York show, I also thought I'd post this simply because in my opinion its the best sounding tape of the Bluenotes club tour shows (certainly of the shows I have). I've only posted the late set - for this first Bluenotes tour the same 12 songs were played in both sets with Don't Take Your Love Away From Me added as an an encore of the late. On this tape you also get an audience rendition of Happy Birthday for Neil! If there's interest in the early set (same taper, same quality), I'll post it later. I don't know if this show has been posted before, but as with any show I post, there is direct lineage to the audience master.
Thanks to the taper for sharing his master. Enjoy!

1. Happy Birthday
2. Welcome To The Big Room
3. Find Another Shoulder
4. High Heels
5. Hello Lonely Woman
6. Ain't It The Truth
7. Bad News
8. One Thing
9. Your Love Is Good To Me
10. Sunny Inside
11. Life In The City
12. Soul Of A Woman
13. This Note's For You
14. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me

Band : The Bluenotes, Line Up 1

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Ben Keith - alto saxophone
Steve Lawrence - tenor saxophone
Claude Cailliet - trombone
Tom Bray - trumpet
John Fumo - trumpet
Frank Sampedro - organ, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone

En Dime A Dozen.

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