20 diciembre, 2008

Neil Young - Detroit - 2008-12-07

Neil Young
"Detroit City Will Never Die"
Palace of Auburn Hills
Detroit, Michigan - 12/7/08

1. Love And Only Love*
2. Hey Hey, My My*
3. Powderfinger*
4. Cortez The Killer**
5. Cinnamon Girl*
6. The Needle And The Damage Done*** (V1)
7. The Needle And The Damage Done* (V2)
8. Heart of Gold***
9. A Day In The Life*

* - bboris Source
** - Glowparty Rob Source
*** - bcart123 Source

This DVD comes from three different sources - all digital video - and first of all thanks are due to them for their capture work.

This is NOT a perfect video and is far from complete. The idea was simply to gather together existing video sources from those who were able and willing to contribute so that the best possible quality would be available to all.

As a result, this will probably be of interest only to those who attended the show and completists. More complete videos will be out there from the other shows (and hopefully even this one), but I'm sure at least some people will be interested and that's why I'm sharing it here.

You'll notice there are two different recordings of "The Needle And The Damage Done" - since I had two, I figured I'd include both.

Thanks again to the generous sources and enjoy!

Un montaje en DVD desde tres fuentes diferentes. El concierto no está completo, pero si no hay otra cosa...
Gracias a ZumaBS por el trabajo y a los tres cámaras por la peli.
En HungerCity esta vez.

Ya sabes, clica sobre la portada para verla a tamaño natural. Y si te apetece un previo, pues aquí tienes uno de cada fuente:

Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My

Neil Young - Heart Of Gold

Neil Young - Cortez the Killer

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