23 enero, 2009


Con motivo de la publicación de un número para coleccionistas de la revista Rolling Stone con los 100 mejores cantantes de todos los tiempos, recordar que con anterioridad(15/04/2004) en el número 34 figuraba Neil Young como uno de los más grandes artistas en el ejemplar cuya portada reproduzco.
El tributo estuvo a cargo de Flea de The Red Hot Chili Peppers............. :

"My favorite Neil album is Zuma, with "Pardon My Heart" and "Lookin' for a Love": "But I hope I treat her kind/And don't mess with her mind/When she starts to see the darker side of me." And "Tell Me Why," on After the Gold Rush -- when he says, "Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself/When you're old enough to repay but young enough to sell?" it feels like me. I know I'm not alone. Tonight's the Night is probably the greatest raw rock record ever made, on a level with the Stooges' Fun House or any Hendrix album. It's such a mess, with stuff recorded so loud that it distorts. The background vocals are completely out of tune. And I wouldn't change a note. It's the spirit of what rock music is, and it's the reason to play rock music."

More pinchando en los enlaces.

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