16 abril, 2009

Artículo sobre Revolution Blues

La desde hace algún tiempo e-revista Crawdaddy trae un artículo sobre Revolution Blues, en inglés, eso sí:
Something about being splendidly famous didn’t sit right with Neil Young. His star had steadily ascended throughout the later portion of the ’60s, and then went supernova with the release of Harvest in 1972. This unsettling career peak set against the backdrop of an aimless and endless military conflict, a freshly confirmed second term for a conservative warmonger (what year was this again?), and a handful of overdosing cronies sent Young careening into the abyss. The tours and records that immediately followed were a reckless expedition into the jungles of paranoia and despair, navigated with bloodshot eyes. By 1974, the intrepid songwriter probably needed a vacation from all that was heavy, and the aptly titled On the Beach could have been it; but two songs in, like a feverish jetlag nightmare, the demons pulled Neil down into the sinister funk of “Revolution Blues.”

Para leerlo entero, aquí

Al final hay enlaces a otros tres artículos relacionados con Neil. Y hablando de revistas, hoy por fin llegó el Ruta 66 a estas tierras!

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