19 mayo, 2009

Martin Henry of De Rosa

Solo acoustic set

Martin Henry : songwriting, vocals, acoustic guitar

16th May 2009

Carnegie Hall Dunfermline Scotland

Part of Tigerfest, this night was hosted by Chemikal Underground Records. The other acts playing were Angil and Hiddntracks, and Lord Cut-Glass (Alan Woodward, ex Delgados)

01 Evelyn
02 Swell
03 Army Dreamers (Kate Bush cover)
04 Steam Comes off our House (music by De Rosa, lyrics by Michel Faber)
05 Cathkin Braes
06 It Helps to See You Hurt
>07 Hattonrig Pit Disaster 1910
08 Tinto

31 min 21 sec

Track 04 is from the Ballads of the Books compilation, a 2007 collaboration between authors and musicians, on Chemikal Underground. Details at: www.chemikal.co.uk/ballads/ De Rosa's 1st album "Mend" and recently released 2nd album "Prevention" are available from Chemikal Underground's online shop, and good record shops everywhere. Both highly recommended :-) Martin Henry was recently referred to as "The Scottish Neil Young" and I can understand why. His very individual vocal style and the wonderful depth of feeling in his performance recall classic songwriters such as Neil Young, but the songwriting has a sense of place which is very original. This set was 30 mins of sheer pleasure from one of my favourite acts of the last 5 years or so. Check out other Chemikal Underground artists at: www.myspace.com/chemikalunderground

Recorded, converted and upped by Evangeline. Share freely in lossless formats; can only be converted to MP3s for your own use. No selling in any form.

Aud->SP CMC-8s+AT-P12106 h-c caps->SPSB-6S(r/o:0)-> Edirol R09(16bit 44.1Khz, gain +30) USB transfer to pc->Nero Wave Editor(clapping reduction, volume balancing, volume boosting) ->CDWave(split)->Flac sector 8, sector boundaries aligned.

Upped by Evangeline

Aunque Evageline lo anuncia como el "Neil Young Escocés" creo que se ha dejado llevar por su amor al músico. Con esto no quiero decir que su trabajo no sea bueno, pero de eso a que me recuerde a Young... creo que se ha pasado.

De todas forma, lo tienes en Dime A Dozen por si quieres juzgar por ti mismo.

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