29 junio, 2009

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Camden, NJ 1997-08-17 [devastating show]

Pues no puedo con todos, me temo que este me lo pierdo, con la pinta que tiene. Como de costumbre, en Dime

AUGUST 17, 1997
Killer audience recording

Probable 1st gen cassette>stand alone burner>wav>flac

I realize that putting an old NY show on Dime is almost like taking sand to the beach, but this is, flat out, the best Crazy Horse I have ever heard. Granted most people reading this are probably bigger Neil experts than myself, but I know a nuclear detonation when it happens right in front of me. This is beyond heavy. There was thunder and crazy lightning outside and there was inside as well. On most of this tour Neil was doing Hippie Dream, I song I don't particually care for. At this show they ditched that and did Prisoners of R&R - a song I would have requested given the chance. There was a dude in my row (really good seats) with fancy equipment and a mic high above the crowd. I talked to him afterwards and he was generous enough to send me the tape. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else about him. So, I don't know if this recording circulates or not. I would guess that it does because it's so good and the guy had been to most of the tour. The folks I know who are deeper NY freaks than me agreed that this show is somethiing *special*
I would describe the recording as excellent. The bass is slightly distorted, but everything else sounds perfect to my ears. This is a very satisfying listen.

BAND: Neil, Frank, Billy, Ralph

01. hey hey my my
02. hhmm (ending - sorry)
03. crime in the city
04. down by the river
05. prisoners of rock and roll
06. piece of crap
07. cortez the killer
08. from hank to hendrix
09. the needle and thedamage done
10. ohio
11. throw your hatred down
12. rockin' in the free world
13. sedan delivery
14. mansion on the hill

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