25 junio, 2009

Y el concierto del Espárrago Rock 2001 también!

Leyendo los comentarios del concierto de Nottigham, vi este, no sé como se me había pasado:

Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Esparrago Rock, Jerez, 15-07-2001

Neil Young + Crazy Horse
July 15, 2001
Espárrago Rock Festival
Circuito de Jerez
Jérez de la Frontera, Spain

Location: first row, near left speaker
Source: Original tape Basf CEII>CasioTP3>Audacity
Tapers: Street Brothers

1. "Waiting for Neil"
2. Don't cry no tears
3. I've been waiting for you
4. Love and only love
5. Piece of crap
6. Goin'home
7. When I hold you in my arms
8. Heart of gold
9. After the gold rush
10. Standing in the light of love
11. Gateway of love
12. Like a hurricane
13. Rockin' in the free world
14. Powderfinger

First experience as taper... Mic fails at the end of the show.
Some problems with the tape from track 10
Track 1 describes the expectation of the concert. First show in Spain since 1993.

The complete set list with the missing tracks (*):

1. Don't cry no tears
2. I've been waiting for you
3. Love and only love
4. Piece of crap
5. Goin' home
6. When I hold you in my arms
7. Heart of gold
8. After the gold rush
9. Standing in the light of love
10. Gateway of love
11. Hey hey, my my (into the black) *
12. Sedan delivery *
13. Like a hurricane

Encore 1
14. Rockin' in the free world
15. Powderfinger

Encore 2
16. Tonight's the night *
17. Roll another number (for the road) *

Josep ¿eres tú quién lo está subiendo?
Gracias otra vez.

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Josep dijo...

Así también lo tendrán los que no estuvieron en la reunión playera de Barcelona.
¡A disfrutarlo!