16 enero, 2010

S.N.A.C.K. Benefit Concert

¡Anda! Por si no lo tienes aun:

This was a one day festival in aid of Bill Graham's S.N.A.C.K.(Students Need Athletics,Culture and Kicks) organization.
"The SNACK Benefit Concert was organized by Bill Graham in 1975 and was broadcast over the radio,and therefore there are many nice tape copies in circulation.This one time only mixture of Dylan/Band/Young was the featured act in a
full day's concert that featured many local San Francisco bands,such as Santana and Jefferson Airplane.
The appearance of Neil Young and company was merely rumored and Dylan's performance was a complete surprise.
Completely unrehearsed,some of this music is great,but mostly it's just haphazard and rough."

Artist: Neil Young with Bob Dylan,Rick Danko,Levon Helm,Garth Hudson & Ben Keith
Date: 1975.03.23
Lenght: (38:12)
Title: "S.N.A.C.K. Benefit Concert"
Venue: Kezar Stadium
Location: San Francisco,CA
Source: FM Broadcast
Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: CD-Rx > EAC > wav > flac

01 Introduction 01:23
02 Are You Ready For The Country? 03:54
03 Ain't That A Lot Of Love 05:00
04 Lookin' For A Love 03:42
05 Loving You 04:03 (Is Sweeter Than Ever)
06 I Want You 04:10
07 The Weight 04:20
08 Helpless > Knockin's on the Dragon's Door 09:09
09 Will The Circle Be Unbroken 02:42

Band Lineup:
Bob Dylan - guitar,vocals
Neil Young - guitar,piano,vocals
Tim Drummond - guitar
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar
Rick Danko - bass,vocals
Garth Hudson - keyboards
Levon Helm - drums,vocals

Esta vez en Tapecity, fácil ¿no?

0251 - Snack Bootleg - San Francisco - 1975-03-23 - A1

0251 - Snack Bootleg - San Francisco - 1975-03-23 - A2

La “oficial” o una alternativa:

0251 - Snack Bootleg - San Francisco - 1975-03-23 - B

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