19 febrero, 2010

DVD del Farm Aid VII

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Farm Aid VII
Superdome, New Orleans, LA, USA

Pro-shot NTSC DVD (4:3)
Lineage: DVD from trade > k9copy > Dime > you
I received this DVD in a trade and it had Down by the River with Phish from the 1998 edition on it too. Considering the fact that greeney55 has been providing us with some great DVDs of previous Farm Aid concerts, including the 1998 edition, I left it off to save some bandwidth (and hard drive space). For some reason the songs are out of order and Farmer John is missing, probably because it was compiled from multiple broadcasts. I don't know for sure though. The setlist is as follows:

Down by the River
Country Home
All Along the Watchtower
Change Your Mind

Running time: approximately 46 minutes

En Dime A Dozen

Ojo a la guitarra del tema que abre. Para poner en la estantería.

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