24 febrero, 2010

Greendale, el comic


Written by JOSHUA DYSART; Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Legendary singer-songwriter, musician and activist Neil Young brings one of his most personal albums, GREENDALE, to comics. Overseeing the work of acclaimed writer Joshua Dysart (UNKNOWN SOLDIER) and fan-favorite artist Cliff Chiang (HUMAN TARGET), they compose a graphic novel that explores a whole new dimension to the album that Rolling Stone voted as one of the best of its year.
In the Fall of 2003, as the nation gallops into war, a politically active teenage girl named Sun lives, loves and dreams in a small California town named Greendale.
Sun's always been different. There's been talk that the women in her family have all had a preternatural communion with nature. And when a Stranger comes to town – a character whose presence causes Greendale to, well, go to hell – she'll find herself on a journey both mystical and mythical. To face the Stranger, she'll unearth the secrets of her family in a political coming-of-age story infused with its own special magic.

  • Vertigo
  • 160pg.
  • Color
  • Hardcover
  • $19.99 US
  • Mature Readers

On Sale June 9, 2010

Ya tenemos fecha, por fin. Vía DC Comics.

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yourisaforever dijo...

Qué bién, y la película existe ya a la venta? en Amazon.de (Grendale/The Movie) no la tienen disponible (?).
Un saludo

majortom dijo...

El dvd se puede encontrar sin problema en el FNAC, ademas no es cara.

yourisaforever dijo...

Gracias, pero en Mallorca no hay FNAC! Miraré por otros Amazonas...Gracias, Jo-Serveza!

Ramonet dijo...

Isabel, tambien puedes mirar en la Fnac virtual www.fnac.es. Funcionan bien.

yourisaforever dijo...

Gracias, yo lo que quiero es la Película y no sé como distinguirla del CD o bonus track en DVD que le acompaña, live at Vicar Str., que ya los tengo. Lo que se ofrece en DVD aparte es LA PELÍCULA o qué? alguien me ayuda? Gracias!