04 febrero, 2010

The Philip Cohen Collection: Neil Young - Attack Of The Bonus Tracks

Long may you run and Young wasn’t joking.

Attack Of The Bonus Tracks [no label, 3CD]

Outtakes, demos, live recordings from 1965 to 1989. Quality varies from good to excellent stereo.

This 3-CD set brings together the bonus tracks only from six obsolete American CD-R bootlegs. The discs were expanded editions of “Time Fades Away”, “On The Beach”, “American Stars & Bars”, “Hawks & Doves”,”Re-Ac-Tor” and “Eldorado”.

“Eldorado” was already available officially (albeit only in Japan), “On The Beach”, “American Stars & Bars”,”Hawks & Doves” & Re-Ac-Tor” were later released officially, and there are now superior bootlegs of “Time Fades Away”. The sound quality of most of these tracks is not especially good, but it is always at least listenable. This is the one-stop destination to get all of these tracks without searching for six otherwise now worthless discs. - Philip Cohen

Disc One:
Elektra Demos 1965:
1. Sugar Mountain (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
2. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
3. Run Around Babe (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
4. Don’t Pity Me Babe (A.K.A. “Ballad of Peggy Grover”)(Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
Track 105. Ain’t Got The Blues (3.6MB)
6. The Rent is Always Due (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
7. When It Falls, It Falls on You (A.K.A. “Extra Extra”) (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)

Track 108. The Needle & The Damage Done (from Johnny Cash T.V. show Feb.17, 1971) (3.0MB)

Live at The Boston Tea Party March 1, 1970:
Track 109. Cinnamon Girl (4.8MB)
Track 110. Cowgirl in The Sand (16.1MB - visit the html page to download the track)

Outtakes & Demos 1974:
Track 111. Pocahontas (4.5MB)
Track 112. Star of Bethlehem (3.6MB)
Track 113. Love is a Rose (3.1MB)
Track 114. Campaigner (4.7MB)

Demos & Outtakes 1975-76:
Track 115. Will to Love (9.9MB)
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Track 116. Captain Kennedy (3.9MB)
Track 117. Look Out For My Love (5.3MB)
Track 118. Too Far Gone (3.6MB)
Track 119. River of Pride (4.6MB)

Disc Two:
TTrack 201. Like a Hurricane (Live at Hammersmith Odeon,London Mar 31,1976) (12.4MB - visit the html page to download the track)

Outtakes 1977:
Track 202. Human Highway (4.2MB)
Track 203. Already One (6.3MB)

Acetate with Bobby Charles:
Track 204. You’ll Always Live Inside Me (4.4MB)

Outtakes 1977-78:
Track 205. Powderfinger (4.6MB)
Track 206. Hold Back The Tears (6.8MB)
Track 207. Sedan Delivery (7.4MB)

Unreleased “Farm Aid” E.P.:
Track 208. Interstate (7.4MB)
Track 209. Grey Riders (7.7MB)
Track 210. Nothing is Perfect (7.0MB)

Outtakes From “Old Ways” 1984-85:
Track 211. Old Ways (4.8MB)
Track 212. Depression Blues (5.4MB)
Track 213. California Sunset (3.8MB)
Track 214. My Boy (4.0MB)
Track 215. Are There Any More Real Cowboys? (3.9MB)
Track 216. Silver and Gold (4.4MB)

Added exclusive bonus track:
Track 217. If You Got Love (studio version from CBS international Netherlands test pressing) (4.6MB)

Disc Three:
Demos 1982:
Track 301. Raining in Paradise
Track 302. If You Got Love
Track 303. Mr.Soul

Live at The Mike Bloomfield Tribute, The Ritz, New York City
March 2, 1981:
Track 304. Baby What You Want Me to Do
Track 305. Sweet Little Rock n’Roller/Nadine

Live at Wembley Stadium, England April 16, 1980:
Track 306. Rockin’ in The Free World
Track 307. Mother Earth

Demos & Outtakes 1986:
Track 308. Weight of The World
Track 309. Hanging on a Limb
Track 310. I Wonder Why

San Francisco Earthquake Benefit, Live From The Cow Palace
Nov 26, 1989:
Track 311. Hey Hey, My My
Track 312. Rockin’ in The Free World
Track 313. Heart of Gold
Track 314. Crime in The City

Una rareza y una curiosidad. Alguien se ha tomado muchas molestias para reunir estos tres discos. Lástima que nos llegue destrozado en MP3 encima de la mala calidad de los originales. Pero eso es lo que hay. De todas formas, muy agradecidos a Mr. Cohen y a BigOzine.

Los enlaces los tienes en las mismas pistas y en las mismas carátulas.

El disco 3, mañana. Paciencia.

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