06 marzo, 2010

The Rockets en vinilo


The Rockets LP (vinyl) | $16.98

LP 5262

A lost link in the saga of West Coast rock, LA’s Rockets cut one LP in 1968 for White Whale Records before core members guitarist Danny Whitten, bassist Billy Talbot, and drummer Ralph Molina signed on with Neil Young for the recording of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and became Crazy Horse.
But despite the Rockets’ brief life, their rare, self-titled LP is no mere rock ’n’ roll footnote. Lashed with the keening, unsettled lines of electric violinist Bobby Notkoff and brimming with crunching blues rock (“Mr. Chips,” “Pills Blues”), acid-doused meanderings (“Let Me Go,” “Stretch Your Skin”), and sunny, melodic pop (“I Won’t Always Be Around”), The Rockets is a solid and underrated late-’60s gem that represents a formative chapter of the Neil Young/Crazy Horse story.

1. Hole in My Pocket
2. Won’t You Say You’ll Stay
3. Mr. Chips
4. It’s a Mistake
5. Let Me Go
6. Try My Patience
7. I Won’t Always Be Around
8. Pills Blues
9. Stretch Your Skin
10. Eraser

El grupo origen de Crazy Horse antes de cruzarse con el Tío Neil.

Vía Sundazed.com.

Picando en las canciones puedes oír un previo de cada una.

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