21 marzo, 2010

Shinding, interesante por partida doble

La revista británica Shinding, en su número de Marzo-Abril de 2010 dedicada a la psicodelia, garage rock, folk, soul y películas de culto, trae un par de artículos que nos pueden interesar.


Por un lado dedican un artículo a The Hollies, la banda en la que militó en su primeros años Graham Nash...

“We’re about as psychedelic as a pint of beer wit’ lads!”
By mid-1966 THE HOLLIES were riding high as one of the UK’s most popular and successful bands. ‘Bus Stop’ was the latest in an unbroken three-year run of hit singles at home. It topped the charts in Sweden and Canada, became a huge hit in Australia, Norway and Germany and – crucially – was the first Hollies single to go Top Five in the states.
The next two years would see the band – one of the most inexplicably overlooked and underrated of the decade – ditch some of their showbiz trappings and embark on a brave journey of experimentation that saw them become world-class songwriters, sonic adventurers in the studio and, ultimately, a unit too eclectic to survive.
ANDY MORTEN talks to guitarist TONY HICKS and drummer BOBBY ELLIOTT about “the flower power bit”.

Y por otro recoge una entrevista a Stephen Stills que puede ser interesante…

The angry protagonist of the love and peace era, founding member of Buffalo Springfield and CSN, author of the anthemic ‘For What It’s Worth’ and newly revitalised guitar god, STEPHEN STILLS talks to MIKE FORNATALE about the new Manassas releases, hating ‘Bluebird’, not being “cranked out” and loving Neil Young.
He's far funnier than you may at first imagine...

Lo mejor es que se puede adquirir una versión digital por solamente 2,50 £.

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