27 marzo, 2010

Un regalo de altura

Just a reminder for those in need of Complex Session audio promo, a transfer from vinyl of the Journey Through The Past soundtrack (some vinyl pops here), or Sample And Hold transferred from the original vinyl release: none of these are currently available on CD and I want to share these with anyone who wants them.
I have them all here available for download in the format of your choice, FLAC or 256kbps mp3. Also included is some art work; scans for the Complex Sessions promo and basically just a track listing for JTTP. Enjoy!
username: neilfan@rusties
password: complex
Expecting To Fly
Pues nada Mike, muchas gracias.

4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Joder con el Mike !!!
Propongo que le demos un aplauso de los grandes grandes !!

Ramonet dijo...

Ya lo tengo, pero gracias Mike!

Antonio dijo...

Pues aun tengo otro en la cola ¿verdad Jose?

Jose dijo...

Pues sospecho que sé de lo que hablas, pero lo dejo como sorpesa.