02 junio, 2010

Holes In The Archives Volume 1

"Holes In The Archives Volume 1"
A Rustie Petey Production

This fan-made compilation is the result of over a year of
planning, editing, writing, researching, and assembling and
was done as a labor of love.

On this first anniversary of the release of Neil Young's
Archives Vol. 1, I present a collection of recordings, some
live and some studio, that are meant to supplement the
officially released material with high-quality, and other-
wise important recordings from Neil Young's career up to
1972. Every effort was made to emulate the style and
standards displayed in The Archives in filling the "Holes".

The selected recordings are limited to unreleased songs,
or live or studio recordings of songs that are otherwise
unreleased with the given musicians. For example, there is a
studio recording of "Everybody's Alone" with Crazy Horse
released on The Archives, but this set contains a studio
recording with CSNY. Also, there is a live recording of "Sea
Of Madness" with CSNY released on The Archives, but this set
contains a studio recording with CSNY.

1) "Songs Meeting" Rap - Neil Young 1:07
2) The Ballad of Peggy Grover (unedited) - Neil Young 4:46
3) I'll Wait Forever (demo) - The Mynah Birds 2:50
4) Sell Out (unedited original mix) - Buffalo Springfield 2:37
5) Mr. Soul (single mix) - Buffalo Springfield 2:36
6) Expecting To Fly (mono album mix) - Buffalo Springfield 3:48
7) Broken Arrow (mono album mix) - Buffalo Springfield 6:18
8) If I Could Have Her Tonight (original 1968 mix) - Neil Young 2:17
9) Here We Are In The Years (original 1968 mix) - Neil Young 3:35
10) Cinnamon Girl (single mix/edit) - Neil Young with Crazy Horse 2:41
11) Oh, Lonesome Me (original mix) - Neil Young with Crazy Horse 3:56
12) Birds (live) - Neil Young with Graham Nash 2:40
13) Sea of Madness (studio) - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 2:41
14) Everybody's Alone (studio) - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 2:30
15) Country Girl (live) - Neil Young 5:18
16) Helpless (live) - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 3:42
17) The Loner (live) - Neil Young with Crazy Horse 3:33
18) Out On The Weekend (live) - Neil Young 3:53
19) The Bridge (live) - Neil Young 3:54
20) Soldier (original extended mix) - Neil Young 3:45

IDDEN TRACK: Mr. Soul (mono album mix) - Buffalo Springfield 2:45

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