02 enero, 2011

Neil Young hace una versión de Louie Louie


Neil Young performs a unique performance of the song "LOUIE LOUIE" during the legendary KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon of 1983.
This particular performance was uncovered, and reconstructed during the audio air check archival recovery project that utilized an international team of audio technicians. Working diligently on for approximately 8 years, the entire 63-hour marathon of 800 unique renditions of the song has been fully digitized and catalogued. It is our hope that such efforts will finally lead to full acknowledgement by the Guinness World Records organization, which to date, has refused to recognize this historic music event.
This video footage and audio archival project has been orchestrated by producer/ director Eric Predoehl, who is currently working on a rather ambitious documentary on the song, featuring exclusive interviews with songwriter Richard Berry, the Kingsmen, the Wailers, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Little Bill Engelhart, Jack Ely, Jim Manolides, Arnie Ginsburg, and a lot of other people that helped transform this song into such iconic song.
The video was from the KFJC event, but the actions didn't completely match the audio. A bit of creative editing, so to speak. The only thing added was the image of Neil Young, which was a common image of this very talented singer-songwriter.
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