14 enero, 2011

Wooden Shjips y su versión de Vampire Blues

En la primavera pasada te recomendé un tema, Vampire Blues, de un extraño grupo con un extraño nombre: Wooden Shjips.

Hoy te voy a recomendar un concierto de este grupo que se está empezando a compartir en Dime A Dozen, en el que como puedes ver, al final sacaron el tema en cuestión:

Wooden Shjips
Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland

Audience recording 24bit
Recording info: Church Audio CA11 Cardoids > CA9100 Pre-amp > Edirol R09 (Hydra cabling)

Transfer info: Audition (fades > light EQ > 24/48 > 16/44) >  CDWave (track splitting) > TLH (flac level 8)

Taped and transferred by jamroom - JAM110

Setlist: Total [71:37]

01  I Hear The Vibrations
02  ? (Outta My Head???)
03  Motorbike
04  For So Long
05  Losin' Time
06  Fallin'
07  Lucy's Ride
08  Aquarian Time
09  We Ask You To Ride
10  Death's Not Your Friend
11  ?
12  Encore applause
13  Loose Lips
14  Vampire Blues

Band members:
Omar Ahsanuddin - Drums
Dusty Jermier - Bass
Nash Whalen - Organ
Erik “Ripley” Johnson - Guitar, Vocals

Gig Notes:
Trembling Bells and the Skeleton Family were supporting. Only the Trembling Bells were recorded.
Excellent, hypnotic, spaced-out set from the guys. Crowd were up for it and it was a good night. No idea what Ripley was saying between songs, as the reverb made it unintelligible! I managed to clean up on their back catalogue at the gig. Nice to see a band who keep the merch well stocked.
Did I mention that this was a great gig? :-)
BIG thanks to Ripley for giving me the nod to record this. Much appreciated!
Recording notes and sound quality:
I was positioned more to the RH PA for this one. There were a couple of guys in front of me that were whooping and cheering, but not much chat, so good result. The usual slight eq to remove a little mid-bass and I boosted the levels by 3db.

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Please support the band by buying their albums, merch, and by going to see them live. They deserve your cash.
Do NOT sell this recording, trade FREELY!
No art, make you own.

Una buena oportunidad para valorar a este casi desconocido grupo.

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