07 marzo, 2011

¡Atención! Tour sin Buffalo Springfield

Según informa Bad News Beat, hay tour de Neil sin BS con fechas ya para el próximo mes. ¿Con quién? Pues "los detalles son desconocidos en este momento".

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yourisaforever dijo...

Yo quiero irrrr!!!!!!!

Ramonet dijo...


Antonio Casado dijo...

Yo ya sé con quién viene. Será toda una sorpresa:


Yo ya he reservado habitaciones de más para La Playa Fest.

Xan dijo...

Jeje Antonio, nos quieres poner los dientes largos, eh?...deshojanos la margarita andaaaa

Jose dijo...

¿Con Carla Bruni? No me lo creo ;-)

Jose dijo...

Pues no será mucha sorpresa, una continuación del tour de Le Noise, según Bad News Beat:
BURBANK, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/07/11 -- Legendary rocker Neil Young will
embark on a solo tour that will kick off on April 15th in Durham, NC, and
conclude on May 7th in Chicago. The tour, which will include stops with a
pair of nights at Boston's Wang Center and two shows at the prestigious and
intimate Avery Fisher Hall in NYC's Lincoln Center, will cover songs from
his current acclaimed album, Le Noise as well as classic tracks performed in
both electric and acoustic settings. Young recently won his second-ever
Grammy Award for "Best Rock Song" for "Angry World" -- a track off Le Noise,
which was also nominated for "Best Rock Album."

The eight-song Le Noise, among Young's most critically-embraced albums, is a
collaboration between the acclaimed rock icon and musician, songwriter, and
multiple Grammy Award-winning producer Daniel Lanois, known for his work
with U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson,
The Neville Brothers and many others. Le Noise was released by Reprise
Records on September 28th, 2010.

Pepe dijo...

Yo creo que viene con Belén Esteban

Ramonet dijo...

Ja, Ja!!

Jose dijo...

ja ja ja pues yo creo que con Bisbal y cantando juntos el tema del anuncio de Nocilla.

Ramonet dijo...

Oye Jose, que a mi me gusta la Nocilla, jua, jua!

Jose dijo...

Y a mí, pero desde que la anuncia ese, me pasé a Nutella.

Ramonet dijo...

Ja! Ja!