10 julio, 2012

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Stephen Stills: 'Crosby, Stills And Nash won't make another album'


Stephen Stills has revealed that Crosby, Stills And Nash won't make a new studio album.
In an interview with www.musicradar.com, Stills explained that despite lengthy sessions with producer Rick Rubin for a proposed covers album, CSN won't record another studio album. A live DVD/CD, CSN 2012 is scheduled for release in America on July 17.
Stills said: "Well, there's the DVD, right, a live set. The thing's done, it's ready to go. But an album? We won't make another album, we won't finish one."
When asked what happened to the album CSN were recording with Rubin, Stills said: "You should ask David [Crosby]. I was getting along fine. I'm not inferring anything, but I… I had an idea for 20 years of making the album we wish we'd written. We started picking songs and stuff. Some of the choices Rick made were pretty off the wall, but we tried them. We sang 'Uncle John's Band' for an entire tour… and never really did understand what it was about! [laughs]"

2 comentarios:

johnphillips1981 dijo...

Pues mejor, que se dejen ya de historias. Que Stephen se centre en ese super box set que está a punto de caramelo y que se meta en el estudio a grabar algo nuevo. Que Crosby publique ese disco en el que estaba trabajando en solitario y que Graham prepare antiguas grabaciones del trío o cuarteto. Y sobre todo, que se pasen por Europa, que me apetece verlos de nuevo.

Muy grande lo de estos días, sigo sin tener palabras. Gracias.

Antonio Casado dijo...

Este Crosby... genio y figura...