29 agosto, 2015

Neil Young Live Rarities, Demos and Outtakes 1973 thru 1987

Neil Young
Live Rarities, Demos and Outtakes 1973 thru 1987
The Stonecutter Collection Vol 92

Source: Soundboard > unknown generation cassette
Editing: Adobe Audition (Phase Correction) > Soundforge (editing & tracking) > Wav > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac Level 6
Traders Den 8/28/15
Transferred, channels balanced and tracked by kingrue Upload 581

This collection transferred from 2 cassettes is made of rare live and studio tracks.
These may have only reached a handful of people back in the trading days.
I'm by no means an expert on Neil. I've done the best I could to identify what I have here and label it to my best ability.
This will surely require the Neil experts to step up and offer their expertise.
Recording notes:
On Disc 1, track 112 has a cut in the middle of the song. Track 113 abruptly cuts in.
On Disc 2, tracks 211, 212 and 214 have abrupt cuts at the end.
This collection did contain 2 official live tracks, 'Sugar Mountain and Cinnamon Girl'. Those have been removed from this posting.
The quality is really good all across the board. This is all very listenable.
Thanks goes to Rich for supplying the tapes.
I hope all the Neil fans will enjoy this wide variety of hidden gems.
Though I won't be surprised if some of you have some of this material.
Let me know what you think.
I've included scans of the j-cards inside this torrent.
Samples Provided.

Disc 1 = 68:47 min
101 Hanging On A Limb - Demo Redwood Digital Summer 1987
102 Opera Star - SBD The Summit, Houston, TX Nov 7, 1986
103 Interstate - SBD 1986 Live (unknown location)
104 Grey Riders - SBD 1985 Live (unknown location)
105 Grey Riders - SBD 1985 Live (unknown location)
106 Interstate - SBD 1985 Live (unknown location)
107 Touch The Night - Billy Talbot Rehearsal tape
108 Thank God I'm On The Road Tonight - SBD 1985 Hillbilly Band
109 Amber Jean - SBD 1985 Studio (unknown location)
110 Southern Pacific - SBD Live (Australia 1985 tour)
111 California Sunset - SBD 1985 Studio Rehearsal
112 Soul Of A Woman - SBD Live (Australia 1985 tour)
113 Cortez The Killer - SBD (USA Nov 1986 tour)
114 Interstate - Demo (unknown location, date)

Disc 2 = 56:36 min
201 A Man Needs A Maid - Demo (unknown location, date)
202 Heart Of Gold - Demo (unknown location, date)
203 Mr. Soul - Live (unknown location)
204 Last Trip To Tulsa - Live (unknown location, date)
205 Birds - Demo (unknown location, date)
206 Berlin - Live (Berlin, Germany Oct 19, 1982)
207 Falling Down - Demo (unknown location, date)
208 Sweet Joni - Live (Bakersfield, CA March 11, 1973)
209 On The Way Home - Live (unknown location, date)
210 Country Home - Live (unknown location, date)
211 Helpless - Demo (unknown location, date)
212 Down By The River - Live (unknown location, date)
213 If You Got Love - Demo "Trans" Outtake 1982
214 Already One - Demo Outtake w/Nicolette Nov 1977


Un boot a lo bestia, de los de antes.

Disponible en The Traders Den.

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