23 noviembre, 2015

Después de la fiebre del oro: Neil Young 70th (3 horas desde Mariskalrock como avance del repóker)


Después de la fiebre del oro

ESPECIAL NEIL YOUNG (70th Aniversario) 1ª Hora
 1.The Monsanto Years (2015) – A New Day For Love
 2.Rust Never Sleeps (1979) – My My, Hey Hey (Out of the blue)
 3.Rust Never Sleeps (1979) – Hey Hey, My My (Into the black)
 4.Live Rust (1979) – Powderfinger (Live Rust)
 5.Mirror Ball (with Pearl Jam) (1995) – Downtown
 6.Harvest (1972) - Heart Of Gold
 7.The Squires – The Sultan
 8.Buffalo Springfield (1966)- For What It’s Worth (Stills)
 9.Entrevista Manuel Ruiz Baraibar (La Playa de Neil y Rust Fest)
10.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969) – Down By the River

ESPECIAL NEIL YOUNG (70th Aniversario) 2ª Hora
11.After The Gold Rush – After The Gold Rush (Live Rust)
12.Directo Neil Dawn & Lazy Horse – Heart Of Gold
13.Directo Neil Dawn & Lazy Horse – Rockin’ In the Free World
14.Déjà vu (1970) – Teach Your Children
15.Directo Neil Dawn & Lazy Horse - Ohio
16.4 Way Street (1971) – Southern Man (Live)
17.Tonight’s the Night (1976)
18.Zuma (1975)- Cortez The Killer (Live Rust)

ESPECIAL NEIL YOUNG (70th Aniversario) 3ª Hora
19.American Stars ‘N Bars (1977) – Like A Hurricane (Weld)
20.Entrevista Wenry Soller
21.Comes a Time(78) – Going Back
22.The Last Waltz (1976) – Helpless (Live) –
23.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)- Cinnamon Girl (Weld)
24.Freedom (1989) – Rockin’ In the Free World -
25.Ragged Glory (1990) Weld (1991) - Love And Only Love
26.CSNY1974(2014) – Love the One You’re With (Live)
27.Psychedelic Pill (2012) – Driftin’ Back

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