29 enero, 2020

Canciones de Neil , por JoAnn Persons

Para unas lecciones de ingles con Neil, la amiga JoAnn Persons, ha escrito esta fantástica historia, plagada de referencias Neil. Gracias Joan:
"This is a silly little story I wrote from many of Neil's song titles. It's about 3 minutes long. It may bring you a chuckle to two. I put the titles in caps. I hope you like it., but it is really "off the wall'
When GOD MADE ME, it was LIKE A HURRICANE. He told me I was made of 'LOVE AND ONLY LOVE and He said welcome to 'MOTHER EARTH, and that He and I were ALREADY ONE. Then a BEAUTIFUL BLUEBIRD came by BLOWIN' IN THE WIND and led me to MY COUNTRY HOME, just past A FORK IN THE ROAD, next to the HUMAN HIGHWAY. There, I met FARMER JOHN who was a DIRTY OLD MAN working in a FIELD OF OPPORTUNITY. In the field, I saw a lot of HOMEGROWN plants growing in the Light of the HARVEST MOON.
There was a MANSION ON THE HILL where ORDINARY PEOPLE lived and they had a gate made of SILVER AND GOLD in the shape of a BROKEN ARROW. A fellow came out and said HE WAS THE KING but that he had a HEART OF GOLD. I said HEY, HEY, MY, MY and thought I was having A HIPPIE DREAM.
I decided to go DOWNTOWN, so I had to go DOWN BY THE RIVER and I was JUST SIGNING A SONG thinking EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE. and I certainly wasn't FALLING OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I continued to WALK ON where I saw an OLDMAN and A LAUGHING OLD LADY who said loved to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE ---- BACK IN THE DAYS THAT USED TO BE. The OLD MAN said HERE WE ARE IN THE YEARS and we'd better get GOING' HOME. I replied GOOD TO SEE YOU. TRUTH BE KNOWN they were filled with PEACE & LOVE and just OUT ON THE WEEKEND.
I could feel the PRAIRE WIND and wondered if I would ever meet SUCH A WOMAN like the old fun lady.
FOUR STRONG WINDS began to blow from every direction and I was EXPECTING TO FLY with every gust. I continued my walk to town and thought TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT and I had THE WORLD ON A STRING. I felt like A DREAMING MAN. I kept walking and wondered WHERE IS THE HIGHWAY TONIGHT I didn't feel HELPLESS, but I wanted to get to town where EVERYBODY'S ROCKIN'. Finally I wondered into town and there I met a fellow by the name of JOHNNY MAGIC. He wanted me to COUGH UP THE BUCKS and he'd give me THE BARSTOOL BLUES. We had some drinks and Johnny told me that BETTY LOU'S GOT A NEW PAIR OF SHOES and WHEN YOU DANCE with her, she'll feel like a MOTORCYCLE MAMA and not an INCA QUEEN. I didn't want to get TOO FAR GONE and turn into a TRANSFORMER MAN, but there was NO HIDDEN PATH out of this deal, so I grabbed THIS OLD GUITAR and told Johnny I didn't want to dance to AN OLD COUNTRY WALTZ ---- I wanted to be ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD and then head BACK TO THE COUNTRY. Johnny wanted to ROLL ANOTHER NUMBER and said, "here, RIDE MY LAMA and to get MELLOW ON MY MIND. MY HEART did feel better 'ON THE WAY HOME, but I got lost in the dark and ended up ON THE BEACH. Then I saw a SHINING LIGHT and could see THE SKY ABOUT TO RAIN. Then I saw a COWGIRL IN THE SAND; MY MY, ROUND AND ROUND I went. I felt like I was on a SPIRIT ROAD. She said she could show me the way to SUGAR MOUNTAIN - ONE OF THESE DAYS. She added she was ONCE AND ANGEL and that I could SLLEEP WITH ANGELS every night. I felt like she really liked me When her WORDS were I BELIEVE IN YOU for I AM JUST A CHILD and you can BE THE RAIN. I wanted her... IF I COULD HAVE HER TONIGHT. Then she whispered, LOOKOUT FOR MY LOVE because ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART. She looked like POCAHONTUS, and put her soft hands on MY TIRED EYES, . saying TELL ME WHY - YOU ARE BOUND FOR GLORY - MR SOUL. ARE YOU PASSIONATE ? If you want to CHANGE YOUR MIND, you must not stay HANGING ON A LIMB. If you go back to where you came from, you must walk ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER down to the BOXCAR. If your WORLDS COLLIDE like a WRECKING BALL, then LIGHT A CANDLE and you will find your COUNTRY HOME."


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