16 agosto, 2008

Neil Young - Colmar (Francia) - 2008-08-15

En Dime A Dozen, gracias a Uli "hanwaker" y sus colegas.

a first version
there are other recordings to show up.... but for the hungry ones this will do !

neil young
61e foire aux vins, parc des exposition, theatre de plein air, colmar (france)
audience recording. recorded by german_rose with brinkhoffs sonic studio d-sm3--> / and some brinkhoff voice over )
edirol 09 (24-48)
transferred ,dithered and tracked by hanwaker

transfer: edi 09 > HD > audiogate > cdwave tracking >flac (8)

cd 01
01 love and only love
02 hey hey my my
03 everybody knows this is nowhere
04 powderfinger
05 spirit road
06 cortez the killer
07 cinnamon girl
08 oh lonesome me
09 mother earth
10 needle and the damage done
11 band intro

cd02---- if you want to split --
01 unknown legend
02 wrecking ball *
03 heart of gold
04 old man
05 a song can't change the world
06 see change 1**
07 see change 2 **
08 cowgirl in the sand
09 rocking in the free world
10 encore
11 a day in the life

there are some digital errors due to a cell phone used right next to the taper !
a sold out show in front of the 9500 capacity of this venue..

* first on tour ?
**if not for neil who can play a song twice ? but as we know " it's all one song"

a joint venture involving german_rose , brinkhoffs and hanwaker
--- ossi -- you never walk alone !
thank you juhab 1 and all the other dimers who attended
uploaded to dime in time 2008-08

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