02 enero, 2009

Dylan, Harrison, Clapton, Young, McGuinn + Petty - Bobfest Rehearsals 1992 NTSC

This is a very interesting piece of footage that i got from dime (i think or maybe ttd)quite some time ago, i watch it often. Just check out the line-up! Thank you a thousand times over to the original seeder, whose notes are below. Note that i don't have the screenshots mentioned in the notes, but the quality is surprisingly good for clandestine footage. The Neil Young "Forever Young" is worth the download alone. Priceless. too bad the mics were off during the first part...still amazing.
This is a biggish file so PLEASE stick around and share with those who come later to this torrent, it really helps!!
cheers and enjoy!

original notes:
an unusual torrent this time.
these are the rehearsals for the 30th anniversary concert in 1992.
pro shot ....it seems like a "hidden camera" film.
the films opens with 15.00 min on stage for a couple of versions of "It takes a lot to laugh..."
the second part (about 60.00 min.)is filmed in a studio with all the artists together (Bob,Neil Young,Eric Clapton,George Harrison, Roger Mc Guinn,Tom Petty and G.E. Smith) .
It's nice to see Bob and the other artists talking and laughing together in a very relaxed atmosphere and,from time to time,
pick up their guitars and play the songs.
At the end Neil Young goes to the organ and plays a very nice solo "Forever young" for his friends.
Excellent video quality.Unfortunately during "My back pages" the singers' mikes are closed,so the vocals are in the background.
I think that this is a good addendum to the official show.A document of "behind the scenes" work....
I had it from the States....so I'm nearly sure that it's in ntsc format.
automatic chapters every 5 min.
running time : about 75.00 min.
screenshots included
enjoy it !

No tengo más información que esta. El amigo HKDave no es muy dado a escribir, así que habrá que guiarnos por la carátula para saber el repertorio exacto, a menos que decidas indagar por la red. Si lo hace, pasanos la información para publicarla.

En TapeCity.


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