21 enero, 2009

Neil Young - 2009-01-21 - Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Anoche nombramos a Gary reportero oficial de la Playa en Australia y estas son las noticias que nos envía. Gracias colega, ha sido muy divertido. Y gracias también a Stringman y a la Australiana Sonriente, como no.

Neil Young & His Electric Band - 2009-01-21
Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2009 DownUnder Fork In the Road Tour

Concert report coming in from Stringman & The Australian Laughing Lady

01 - Love And Only Love (only 9 mins)
02 - Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
03 - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
04 - Powderfinger
05 - Spirit Road
06 - Cortez The Killer
07 - It's A Black Man After All (hey wow !) True but not true

07 - Cinnamon Girl
08 - Oh, Lonesome Me

Exiting news from Robert:

A floodlight broke (go Broke!) - please get off those towers we don't need any extra weight on them .... my guitar .... cover all the equipment Mack ...
Audience is mostly seasoned veterans (Robert said oldies !)

09 - Mother Earth

There is a new amp on stage a big Mastertone - ain't singing for Fender but I did mention Coke !

10 - The Needle And The Damage Done

Rob says the crowd went ape shit, must be Harvest lovers so the next two songs should see the ladies getting their nickers off and throwing them at Neil. No sign of Karen making a charge for stage as yet (waiting for No Hidden Path we suspect) - watch out rail hoggers.

11 - Heart Of Gold
12 - Light A Candle

Rob says a great performance but the nickers are being pulled up again !
OMG! Neil is taking requests over the internet - the fucking internet - ah a first for Australia, and the World yeah !
Here's one from a Gary in Sydney. Hi Gary any requests ?
Please play Borrowed Tune
Borrowed Tune
Borrowed Tune
Borrowed Tune
Borrowed Tune
Borrowed Tune


Here's a call from Kylie, Hi Kylie what would you like to hear ?
I should be so lucky ?
Holly Crap ! Here take this;

13 - Harvest Moon

We have a called from Barack

14 - Unknown Legend
15 - Old Man
16 - Get Back To The Country
17 - Just Singing A Song

Oh no he skipped Cowgirl ! If he skips that in Sydney I will be very dissappointed. Repeat very dissappointed.
From Rob: Neil sang "just drinking a beer won't save the World". Well Neil very much knows about our Queenslanders, the biggest drinkers in the World. Any takers ?
Rob & Kaz are stage right front row and Rob says the rail is very quiet only about 20 people there.
I suggested they get over there and scream for Big Time, Slip Away, Thrasher, I'm The Ocean, Expecting to Fly - oh and that Borrowed Tune number, Interstate - well he will be Interstate tomorrow - in my STATE.

18 - Sea Change
19 - When Worlds Collide

Rob tried to get to the rail but the gestapo shut him down.
Karen we need you !

20 - Cowgirl In The Sand - yahoo !

He is the King he played Cowgirl. OK Neil just like Red Rocks (18 mins) but twice as long please.
Probably close to close now !
Rob says: "great, great Cowgirl"

21 - Rockin' In The Free World

Rob says that Neil was really pissed that people stayed seated during RITFW. He said he will post more when he gets home.

22 - A Day In The Life

That's likely to be it folks.
If he does similiar in Sydney I'l be more than happy. I might even go to South Australia to catch him later.
Oh yeah Neil pls do Borrowed Tune. I've got to find that website to do requests.

I picked up 16 Tour T-shirts today - they look great and can be seen on my facebook page.


Rob says: That's all folks 8:48 to 11:01 - thats 133 minutes at $150 or 88 cents per minute. A bargain at thrice the price !
Shit. I'l pay $1000 if comes to my place and does Borrowed Tune.
Neil it's simple economics and my wife is the best cook (and pretty cute as well).
Looking forward to Sydney and gathering of 16 Rusties (Winterlongers) all with DownUnder Tour t-shirts.

and I fell into dream

P.S. Big thanks to Rob and Kaz for 42 SMS messages tonight ('s the night)

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