04 agosto, 2009

Neil Young, London (Canadá) 15/04/09 2 cámaras DVD en Dime

Otro más para estropear mi ratio, sobre todo porque ayer se me pasó y no lo vi:

Neil Young & His Electric Band
John Labatt Centre
London, Ontario, Canada
April 15, 2009

video sample: http://www.vimeo.com/5830825

video: 2-cam filmed by Toronto Tapers Consortium using Sony NTSC 16:9 cams

video capture, mixing, and editing (using Vegas Video) by Silver Stallion DVDs - authored with TMPGenc DVD Author 3

disk 1 (72 mins)
1. When You Dance I Can Really Love
2. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
3. Are You Ready For The Country?
4. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
5. Spirit Road
6. Pocahontas
7. Words
8. Cinnamon Girl
9. Mother Earth
10. Change Your Mind
11. The Needle And The Damage Done

disk 2 (69 mins)
1. Light A Candle
2. Feel Your Love
3. Heart Of Gold
4. Old Man
5. Speakin' Out
6. Tonight's The Night
7. Albuquerque
8. Get Behind The Wheel
9. Down By The River
10. Just Singing A Song
11. All Along The Watchtower

disk 1: 1K min, 7.8K avg, 9K max
disk 2: 1K min, 8K avg, 9K max
audio (both disks - from video cam): 448 bit .ac3

Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, pump organ, & vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, & background vocals
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums
Pegi Young - background vocals, vibraphone, piano, & guitar
Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano, guitar, & bells
Larry Cragg - banjo

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