10 abril, 2010

Neil Young 2003-04-29 Hamburg Audio

Otra vez en dimeadozen
¿Qué tiene de peculiar? Sobre todo, "Cortez the Killer" tocado con una guitarra de doce cuerdas y con una estrofa más añadida. Además, "On the Beach", "No one seems to know", "Campaigner" y, a petición del respetable, la intro de "Hitchhiker", que tocaría completa al día siguiente:

European Solo acoustic tour
Congress Centrum, CCH1, Hamburg, GERMANY

source: OKM/IIP>A3>Sony D 100>CDR>SHN
location: 2nd row

artwork included


disc one: 71:58 min

first set Greendale

01 Falling from above
02 Double e
03 Devil's sidewalk
04 Leave the driving
05 Carmichael
06 Bandit
07 Grandpa's interview

disc two: 27:58 min

first set Greendale continued

01 Bringin´ down dinner
02 Sun Green
03 Be the rain

disc three: 60:27 min

second set The ancient songs

01 Lotta love
02 On the beach
03 No one seems to know
04 Expecting to fly
05 Old man
06 Cortez the killer
07 Don't let it bring you down
08 After the gold rush

09 Hitchhiker (intro only)
10 Campaigner
11 Heart of gold


- second “On the Beach” in 28 years, last performed Chicago 1999-05-01

- first “No One Seems to Know” since 1983-01-14

- “Cortez the Killer” on 12-string

- “Hitchhiker” intro only requested by audience, complete version next night in Berlin

- first ”Campaigner” since 1996-10-24

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