11 diciembre, 2010

Live in a Rusted Out Garage DVD

Por si alguien no tiene todavía esta joya, y mientras esperamos esos DVDs que nos prepara Óscar, ahora mismo está en yeeshkul. El registro es bastante más sencillo que en dime, así que no desaproveches la oportunidad. Advertir, eso sí, que son 8 gb:
Neil Young 11-21-1986 In A Rusted Out Garage
Neil Young After The Goldrush
Cow Palace, San Francisco,

Live In A Rusted Out Garage"

1. Mr. Soul

2. Cinnamon Girl

3. When You Dance, I Can Really Love

4. Down By The River

5. Too Lonely

6. Heart Of Gold

7. After The Goldrush

8. Inca Queen

9. Drive Back

10. Opera Star

Disk 2

11. Cortez The Killer


12. Sample And Hold

13. Computer Age

14. Violent Side

15. Mideast Vacation

16. Long Walk Home

17. The Needle And The Damage Done

18. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks

19. Around The World

20. Powderfinger

21. Like A Hurricane

22. Hey Hey, My My

23. Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll

info taken from Sugar Mountain (thanks Tom)

notes: 1) no menus,chapter stops every 5 minutes

2) first 10 seconds of DBTR is black but the sound never cuts out.

3) annoying Radio announcer talks over some portions of in between

song stuff, but not any music.

4) the late Sam Kinison plays the irate neighbor yelling for Neil

to stop playing in the garage.....great stuff!

Pro Shot NTSC DVD from PPV TV Broadcast
soundtrack is from KLOS Radio simulcast

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