02 agosto, 2011

Carta De Ralph Molina a Los Asistentes Y Bandas del Rust Fest II

Hola Manuel..."My Love and Greetings from me here in Calif. And from all the Crazy Horse, Billy (Talbot) is in..South Dakota, And Frank (Sampedro) , Is in Hawaii...Right now...O.K....What I said, I'm speaking "For all of us...O.K....Gracias Amigo....It is a wonderful and beautiful Thing you are all doing!..."Hola to the "Crazy Ponie's"...And to all the Bands playing at the, "II Spanish Rustie" Festival... It is my pleasure. You all are doing a wonderful thing with the...Festival!., “Manuel also, "My Moms side of the Family, Bisbal"...Come from a town called..."La Bisbal"..In Spain!..Does anyone Know of the Town?. I'd love to get back to Spain…..Some day perhaps....I'll remember..La Bisbal, I will certainly visit, While there!..The last time we played in Spain, I looked in the phone book, And couldn't believe...How many, "Bisbals" In the phone book...Popular Name there!
.My final thought to all at the "II Spanish Rustie Gathering"...Is..."Keep on Rocking"...Hasta Lo Huego"..

Ralph Molina
Atascadero Cal
Gracias Ralph, eres un gran tipo, realmente nos hicistes muy felices con tu carta/Thank you Ralph you´re such a great guy, you really made us very happy with your letter

3 comentarios:

yourisaforever dijo...

Sí, qué bueno, Ralph!!! Puso la guinda al rusty pastel que nos servisteis entre todos!

Ramonet dijo...

¡¡¡Ya soy amigo de Ralph Molina!!!

Angeles dijo...

Bueno, bueno, aquí mucho dar las gracias a Ralph pero, sin desmerecerle, el que se curró la sorpresa fue Manolo... ¿o no?... tú sí que eres grande, Granpa!