26 julio, 2008

Neil Young - Rock In Rio Madrid - 2008-06-27 (DVD PAL CORREGIDA)

Y este fin de semana vamos de DVDs.
El amigo jOkerman se ha entretenido en corregir un pequeño defecto de sonido que tenía el DVD compartido por kigonjiro hace poco, le ha quitado algunos anuncios y ha organizado el menú porque había una confusión entre dos canciones. Todo eso lo ha metido en un DVD y lo está compartiendo con quién quiera a través de The Traders' Den. Así que si te gusta esta versión, ahora es tu oportunidad.

Neil Young Rock In Rio Madrid 2008 DVD RESYNCED and REAUTHORED

Many thanks for kigonjiro for upping this at Dime originally. Why reauthor? There was a sync problem (slight, but noticeable) that I guess was an issue of the original broadcast. The audio was slightly (approx 0.1s) in advance of the video. On close ups, Neil's hands were not quite in sync with his strumming, the same with his lips when singing and the snare drum sound. Marksg's upload of this at TTD was pulled because of sync issues. This has now been fixed.

Update: following a PM from kigonjiro I have checked as far as possible if the sync issue is due to different camera shots. I don't think that this is the case - as far as I can tell the whole audio was advanced throughout the DVD.

Firstly here are kigonjiro's original notes (with additional lineage provided on marksg's torrent):

"Neil Young
w/ The Chrome Dreams Band
Rock in Rio, Ciudad del Rock, Arganda del Rey, Madrid
27 june 2008

TVE2 BROADCAST - PRO SHOT - PAL - 4/3 - DVB-T recorder directly to HD >Demultiplexed by MPEG Streamclip > DVD Studio PRO > DVD (virtually created in HD in this case). 103.03 minutes
Data Size: 3.28 GB
Bit Rate: 4.56 Mbps
MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 8.20 Mbps, upper first
Audio: Mpeg-2 Stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kbps

Artwork included

The gig was about 2 hours 5 minutes.

NOTE: after the first broadcast of the day (Alanis) I was hopping the audio to be improved, afortunatelly it was. The second was to not have commercials stealing us the show, but unfortunatelly this did not happen.

First commercial -in Mr. Soul- is very short with the show still in a little window but with the audio changing to the commercial. Previously I´ve decided not to put in this DVD any incomplete song but I changed my mind inmediately after see this "Hurricane Man" over the stage, so I maintain it as it´s. Second commercial is after Cinnamon Girl, the broadcast come back with an amazing Love And Only Love already started, I don´t know what we have missed in this long commercial cut, sorry. Third commercial cut -a big one- after Out of the Blue.
Fourth cut after Heart of Gold. Some image problems in the Beatles encore song (2 consecutive image freezing of about 1 second each to be precise).

Truly amazing show anyway, even with the commercial cuts and with the speakers voice between songs.
Very different set list than the recent audio uploads from the italian gigs. Hope you will enjoy it as I did andthat sooner or latter we will have here at DIME a complete show recorded from other source.

Set List:

1. Mr. Soul
2. I´ve waiting - f*cking commercial in the middle (a short one)
3. Cinnamon Girl
________________Commercial cut - 9 minutes and of course taken out
4. Love And Only Love (incomplete - started already when back to show)
5. Out of the Blue
________________Commercial cut - 8 minutes and of course taken out
6. Oh, Lonesome Me (incomplete - started when back to show)
7. Mother Earth
8. The Needle And The Damage Done
9. Old Man
10. Heart of Gold
________________Commercial cut - 5 minutes and of course taken out
11. Words (incomplete - started when back to show)
12. No Hidden Path (about 26 minutes)
13. A Day in the Life

Band :

Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, pump organ, vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals
Rick Rosas - bass, background vocals
Chad Cromwell - drums
Pegi Young - background vocals
Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano
Larry Cragg - banjo

Not For Resale. Enjoy and Share."

Reauthoring notes:

DVD files (from Dime)>TMPGenc (create single MPEG file)>Goldwave (extract udio) > WAV > CoolEdit (insert 0.1s of silence at start - to delay audio, also normalise volume) > TMPGenc (reauthor, minor edits, new menu)

* the audio is now LPCM (so no re-encoding) which makes for a bigger file size (now 4.22GB) - but it still fits on a single DVD disc.
* I normalised the volume so the audio is now at a higher level than before.
* I removed the short commercial mentioned above (which is in "I've Been Waiting For You" not "Mister Soul") - the fact that you could still see Neil, in a small window, while the commercial was running did not compensate, imho for the interruption due to the commercial, so what we have now is a simple cut in the song. Approx 31s missing.
* I also removed a few seconds of commentator chatter at the very start and before the encore (track 13).
* track 2 is "I've Been Waiting For You" and track 5 is "Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)" - this has been corrected on the new menu and artwork.
* this DVD now has motion menus

Specifications of this reauthored version

Video: MPEG-2 720x576 25fps (4:3) PAL 8200kbps
Audio: Linear PCM 48,000 Hz stereo 1536 kbps
File size: 4.22GB

New artwork (with corrected song names is included)

As the man said "Enjoy and Share". Neil is in tremendous form!!

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