11 mayo, 2010

Neil Young según Stephen Stills

Por fin tengo en mis manos el número SHINDIG! de marzo-abril del que ya Antonio nos habló.

El caso es que en la entrevista que le hace Mike Fortanale a Stephen Stills el tío Neil se encuentra muy presente.

Tell me something wonderful about Neil Young.

Oh, man, there´s so much. Well, first of all, how about that Rube
Goldberg contraption he built into that car? Hell, if I could make a 1959
Lincoln Continental convertible that runs on electricity, I´d sure as fuck
do it.

And nobody would hear you coming.

And I love his sense of homuor... and I love how supportive he is
when we play together.

OK, tell me something awful about Neil Young.

(Laughs) He´s like Jeff Beck. He´s completely independent and
completely undependable. He quit the band to work on his car! And it´s nothing
to do with loyalty or disloyalty. He´s just compelled. Compelled to keep moving!
I can´t fault him that.

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